Theses and Papers in the Graduate Program in Acoustics (2020-Present)


  • An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Sonic Fatigue in Embedded Jet Exhausts Ph.D. Thesis by Darryl Douglas; Supervised by Dr. Philip Morris
  • An Experimental Exploration Study of Acoustic Black Holes in Thick Plates M.S. Thesis by Emily Stimson; Supervised by Dr. Amanda Hanford 
  • Using High-Fidelity Weather Data to Improve Impedance and Absorption Adjustment Values in Airport Noise Level Predictions M.S. Thesis by Emma Shaw; Supervised by Dr. Victor Sparrow
  • Error Modeling of Doppler Velocity Logs Using a Point-Based Scattering Model M.S. Thesis by Joshua Purviance; Supervised by Dr. Daniel Brown
  • Enabling Fast Image Reconstruction for Photoacoustic Tomography Using GPUS M.S. Thesis by Paul Klippel; Supervised by Dr. Yun Jing
  • Operational Modal Analysis of a Harmonically Dominated Structure Utilizing a Double Resampling Order Removal Technique M.Eng. paper by Troy Cantalupo; Supervised by Dr. Tyler Dare
  • Parallelization of Delay and Sum Algorithms for Photoacoustic Applications M.Eng. paper by Nathan Caso; Supervised by Dr. Yun Jing
  • Quantitative Comparison of Various Cajon Models M.Eng. paper by David Gillespie; Supervised by Dr. Daniel Russell
  • A Lumped Parameter Model for Cartilage Sound Conduction M.Eng. paper by Thaddeus Swann; Supervised by Dr. Stephen Thompson
  • Acoustical Modeling Fidelity Study for Battery Energy Storage System Project M.Eng. paper by Bryan Swindler; Supervised by Dr. Tyler Dare
  • Understanding the Behaviors of Blade Pass from a Blower Wheel in an Automotive HVAC M.Eng. paper by Karen Yelland; Supervised by Dr. Daniel Russell
  • The Color Doppler Ultrasound Twinkling Artifact on Pathological Mineralizations Ph.D. Thesis by Eric Rokni; Supervised by Dr. Julianna Simon
  • Stochastic Models to Generate Sound Speed and Transmission Loss Ensembles at the New England Shelf Break Using Empirical Orthogonal Functions and Sparse Dictionary Learning M.S. Thesis by Simeon Benit; Supervised by Dr. Andrew Barnard
  • Morphological Component Analysis of Long-Duration Ringdown from Elastic Objects Imaged with the Sediment Volume Search Sonar M.Eng. paper by Hannah Kurdila; Supervised by Dr. Daniel Brown


  • Increasing Efficacy, Usability, and Understanding of Phase-based Optical Flow for Structural Acoustic Applications Ph.D. Thesis by Sean Collier; Supervised by Dr. Tyler Dare
  • Acoustic Devices Inspired by Topological Physics Ph.D. Thesis by Yuanchen Deng; Supervised by Dr. Yun Jing
  • Perception of Noise and Task Performance under Different Office Noise Conditions M.S. Thesis by Zhi Zhou; Supervised by Dr. Michelle Vigeant-Haas
  • A Parametric Study of the Sensitivity of Spatial Coherence to Sediment Attenuation Coefficient M.S. Thesis by Anthony Matriss; Supervised by Dr. Daniel Brown
  • Photoacoustic Measurement of the Optical Absorption of Aerosols M.S. Thesis by John Case;Supervised by Dr. Robert Smith
  • Noise Prediction for Helicopter Noise Abatement and eVTOL Design M.S. Thesis by Damaris Zachos; Supervised by Dr. Kenneth Bretner
  • Investigating Single Value Frequency Average Measures to Predict Reverberance, Clarity, and Preference Using Higher Order Ambisonic Reproductions Ph.D. Thesis by Fernando del Solar Dorrego; Supervised by Dr. Michelle Vigeant
  • The Use of Pulse Waves to Increase Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Thermophone Efficiency Ph.D. Thesis by James Chatterley; Supervised by Dr. Timothy Brungart
  • Investigation of 3-Dimensional Caustic Generation with Application to Off-Track Sonic Boom Focusing M.S. Thesis by Lucas Wade; Supervised by Dr. Victor Sparrow
  • Modeling Acoustical Horns as a Cascade of Conical Transmission Line Segments Terminated with a Spherical Radiator M.S. Thesis by Max Pagnucco; Supervised by Dr. Stephen Thompson
  • Focused Ultrasound Therapy to Treat Tendinopathies Ph.D. Thesis by Molly Smallcomb; Supervised by Dr. Julianna Simon
  • Modeling and Characterization of an Air Motion Transformer M.S. Thesis by Peter Riccardi; Supervised by Dr. Daniel Brown
  • Audio Source Separation Using Bi-Directional Gated Recurrent Unit M.S. Thesis by Sanjay Majumder; Supervised by Dr. Karl Reichard
  • Effects of Room Modes on Subwoofer Response M.Eng. paper by Ernest Bless; Supervised by Dr. David Swanson
  • An Investigative Study on the SNR Improvements Pertaining to the Delay-Sum and Frost Beamformer M.Eng. paper by Nicholas Christian; Supervised by Dr. Stephen Thompson
  • Ported Guitar Speaker Cabinet Design for Extended Low Frequency Response M.Eng. paper by Kyle Cunningham; Supervised by Dr. Daniel Russell
  • Audio-Based Lossy Compression of Power Line Signals M.Eng. paper by Layla Marshall; Supervised by Dr. Daniel Russell
  • Bone Conduction Hearing: The Occlusive Effect and Hearing Conversation M.Eng. paper by Alexander Odom; Supervised by Dr. Michelle Vigeant-Haas
  • Modal Analysis of a Floor Tom Drum M.Eng. paper by Matthew Pieczko; Supervised by Dr. Daniel Russell
  • Unsurprised Clustering for Environmental Sound Analysis M.Eng. paper by Tyler Tracy; Supervised by Dr. Karl Reichard
  • Finite Element Analysis of an Auxetic Piezoelectric Acoustic Transduction Material M.Eng. paper by Justin Tufariello; Supervised by Dr. Thomas Blanford
  • Design and Comparison of a Multi Chamber Perforate Tube Muffler M.Eng. paper by Zachary Tuyls; Supervised by Dr. Daniel Russell
  • Example Design of a Half-Inch Diameter Unidirectional Electret Condenser Cartridge M.Eng. paper by Jason Cillo; Supervised by Dr. Stephen Thompson


  • Extreme Value Statistics of Flow-Induced Response and Fatigue Ph.D. Thesis by Connor McCluskey; Supervised by Dr. Stephen Conlon and Dr. Manton Guers
  • Optimization of Acoustics Black Holes for Vibration Reduction Ph.D. Thesis by Cameron McCormick; Supervised by Dr. Micah Shepherd
  • Modeling and Experimental Analysis of Spatial Coherence Statistics for Reverberation-Limited Littoral Sonar
    Ph.D. Thesis by Chad Smith; Supervised by Dr. Thomas Gabrielson and Dr. Daniel Brown
  • Viability of Motor Current Sensors for Tool Condition Monitoring during Peck Drilling Operations with Coolant and Inverter-Fed AC Motors
    M.S. Thesis by Nicholas Carder; Supervised by Dr. Karl Reichard
  • Tool Condition Monitoring Using the Hilbert-Huang Transform: An Application to Vibration and Motor Current Signals
    M.S. Thesis by Trent Furlong; Supervised by Dr. Karl Reichard


  • Improved Outdoor Sound Propagation Model Using Geographic Information Systems Software and ISO 9613-2
    M.S. Thesis by Adwait Ambaskar; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Investigation of Transducers in Small Enclosures
    M.S. Thesis by Joseph Bradel; supervised by Stephen Thompson
  • Loudspeaker Array and Testing Facilities for Performing Large Volume Active Noise Cancelling Measurements
    M.S. Thesis by Keagan Downey; supervised by Stephen Thompson
  • Three-Channel Correlation Analysis in Mems and Electret Microphones
    M.S. Thesis by Ana Cristina Ochoa; supervised by David Swanson
  • Measuring Plate Vibration Using Deflectometry: The Advantages and Limitations of Add-On Reflective Material
    M.S. Thesis by Gary Rhoades; supervised by Micah Shepherd
  • 3-D Acoustic Ray-Tracing Model of Mach Cutoff Flight
    Ph.D. thesis by Zhendong Huang; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Effects of Perturbations on the Reverberant Sound Field of a Room
    M.S. thesis by Sumeet Gawali; supervised by Stephen Thompson
  • Vibrational Analysis of Ash and Composite Hurleys
    M.S. thesis by Kathryn Krainc; supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • Determining Contact Stiffness, Contact Pressure, and Modal Frequencies of Fastened Metallic Joints
    Ph.D. thesis by Trevor Jerome; supervised by Micah Shepherd
  • Compressive Sensing Co-prime Arrays for Underwater Acoustic Signal Detection and Imaging
    Ph.D. thesis by Andrew Pyzdek; supervised by David Swanson
  • Industrial Chiller Systems Using a Hybrid Statistical Energy Simulation Based on Experimental and Finite Element Methods
    Ph.D. thesis by Stephen Wells; supervised by Stephen Hambric



Founded in 1965, Penn State's Graduate Program in Acoustics has become the leading resource for graduate education in acoustics in the United States. The interdisciplinary program leads to the degrees: Master of Engineering in Acoustics (M.Eng.), Master of Science in Acoustics (M.S.), and Doctor of Philosophy in Acoustics (Ph.D.)

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