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How to Apply for Admission to the Resident Degree Program

Prospective students who wish to be admitted to the Graduate School at Penn State to pursue a graduate degree must select a specific graduate program field of study (e.g. Acoustics) and the specific graduate degree (e.g., Ph.D., M.S., M.Ed.), and submit all application materials required for that graduate degree program, in addition to the University-wide requirements of the Graduate School.

Application Deadlines

  • Students who are applying for admission to the Ph.D, traditional M.S. (with thesis), or resident M.Eng. degree programs must submit a completed application no later than December 20, 2023 for Fall 2024 admission.
  • Distance education students who are applying for admission, please refer to the Distance Education page.

The following are to be submitted directly to the Graduate School:

  • Submission of a completed, online Graduate School Application for Admission
  • Payment of the non-refundable graduate application fee
  • Upload of copies of transcripts/documents from all post-secondary institutions attended (and official English translation if the language of instruction is not English). See FAQ regarding transcripts.
  • Optional submission of GRE scores. GRE scores are neither required nor expected for admission to the Acoustics Program. If submitted, scores will be reviewed as additional information. School code for Penn State is: 2660. See the FAQ regarding test scores.
  • Submission of official TOEFL or IELTS scores for international applicants (with the exceptions noted). A minimum TOEFL score of 25 is required for admission. See the FAQ regarding test scores.
  • Two (2) letters of reference from people who are in a position to comment on the candidate's education and/or abilities. These letters should be uploaded by the author to the Graduate School admissions portal.
  • Cover Letter – addressed to the program chair stating your current status, general background, degree sought and an explanation of any deficiencies or requests for consideration
  • Statement of Goals – A one page summary of your academic goals (Why do you want to pursue a graduate degree in acoustics? What areas of acoustics are you hoping to pursue? What do you hope to do with your degree afterward?)
  • Current résumé
  • If offered admission and the offer is accepted, receipt by the Graduate School of official/original transcripts/documents from all post-secondary institutions attended (and official English translation, if the language of instruction is not English)

The Graduate School confirms eligibility for admission of all graduate degree applicants, and programs select and recommend applicants for offers of admission, with final approval of admission to all graduate degree programs by the Graduate School. For more information please visit the Graduate School website.

For any further questions about applying to the Acoustics Program, please contact our department either by email ( or phone: +1-814-865-6364.



Founded in 1965, Penn State's Graduate Program in Acoustics has become the leading resource for graduate education in acoustics in the United States. The interdisciplinary program leads to the degrees: Master of Engineering in Acoustics (M.Eng.), Master of Science in Acoustics (M.S.), and Doctor of Philosophy in Acoustics (Ph.D.)

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