Theses and Papers in the Graduate Program in Acoustics (2010-2019)


  • Recreating a Burning Wire Experiment
    M.S. scholarly paper by Aash Chaudhary
  • Acoustical Study of Interchangeable Port Designs for Guitar Loudspeaker Cabinets
    M.Eng. paper by Daniel Wilding; supervised by John Fahnline
  • Head and Torso Simulator Recording and Playback Characterization and Validation
    M.Eng. paper by Jeffrey Chiang; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Supervised vs Unsupervised Feature Learning for Right Whale Upcall Detection in Convolutional Neutral Networks
    M.Eng. paper by Christopher Chin; supervised by Karl Reichard
  • Note and Key Detection in Musical Data Using the Constant Q Transform and Pitch Class Profiles
    M.Eng. paper by Timothy Regan; supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • The Acoustic Characterization of 3D Printed Materials in Water
    M.Eng. paper by Eric Westerholm; supervised by Amanda D. Hanford
  • Origins of Speech Intelligibility Metrics
    M.Eng. paper by Daniel Gross; supervised by David Swanson
  • A Beamforming Design and Visualization Tool in Mathematica
    M.Eng. paper by Emily Wigley; supervised by Stephen C. Thompson
  • Developing a Process to Test Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle Noises from Heavy Truck Seats
    M.Eng. paper by Andrew Polte; supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • The Effect of Pressure and Temperature on the Sensitivity of a Type H52 Hydrophone
    M.Eng. paper by Jason Burghouwt; supervised by Daniel C. Brown
  • Title Unknown
    Ph.D. thesis by Cory Smith; supervised by Dean E. Capone
  • Title Unknown
    Ph.D. thesis by Matthew Neal; supervised by Michelle C. Vigeant
  • A Model and Design Approach for a Shallow Water Spatial-Temporal Correlation Velocity Log
    Ph.D. thesis by Thomas Blanford; supervised by Daniel C. Brown
  • Characterization of Noise with Fractional-Octave-Band Filters and the Variance and Kurtosis of the Sound Pressure
    Ph.D. thesis by Edward Zechmann; supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • An Outdoor Sound Propagation Model in Concert with Geographic Information System Software
    M.S. thesis by Nathan Tipton; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Focused Ultrasound Histotripsy of Connective Tissue: A Tendon Model
    M.S. thesis by Molly Smallcomb; supervised by Juli Simon
  • Measurement and Reproduction of Automotive Multi-Channel Audio Systems Using Loudspeakers
    M.Eng. paper by Kelby Weilnau; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Speech Intelligibility Optimization of a Portable Two-Way Radio at Noisy Environment
    M.Eng. paper by Huoy Thyng Yow; supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • A Comparison of SDOF Damping Estimation Methods From Frequency Response Functions
    M.Eng. paper by Seth Tomlinson; supervised by Daniel A. Russell


  • Numerical Investigation of Anti-Ram Barriers Under Vehicular Impact
    Ph.D. thesis by Tae Kwang Yoo; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow Committee Chair, Tong Qiu Dissertation Adviser
  • Assessing the Auditory and Reward Responses to Room Acoustics and Music Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Ph.D. thesis by Martin Lawless; supervised by Michelle C. Vigeant
  • Title Unknown
    M.S. thesis by Kyle Hahn
  • Finite Element Modeling of MEMS Microphone Ports
    M.Eng. paper by Jerad Lewis; supervised by Stephen C. Thompson
  • Traffic Noise in the US: Why We Should be Doing More to Improve Road Surfaces
    M.Eng. paper by Kevin Bombero; supervised by Karl Reichard
  • An Investigation into the Viability of a Perceptual Based Distortation Algorithm in Loudspeaker Manufacturing
    M.Eng. paper by Nicholas Daddario; supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • Calibrating the Response of an Acoustic Test Box with Foam Treatment
    M.Eng. paper by Pranay Muchandi; supervised by Stephen C. Thompson
  • Improving Microphone Intelligibility by Mechanical Shaping
    M.Eng. paper by Herman Orgeron; supervised by Stephen C. Thompson
  • A Method to Equalize Headphones for Improved Reporduction of Binaural Audio
    M.Eng. paper by Ryan Bessey; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Effects of Oscillations in the Main Flow on Film Cooling at Various Frequencies and Blowing Ratios
    Ph.D. thesis by Seung Il Baek; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow committee chair, Savas Yavuzkurt dissertation adviser
  • Title Unknown
    M.S. thesis by Joel Peel; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Noise Transmission from a Small, Hermetic, Reciprocating, Refrigerant Compressor
    M.S. thesis by John Cunsolo; supervised by Timothy A. Brungart and Stephen A. Hambric
  • Effects of Noise on Human Health and Its Relationship to Regulations Within Cities, States and Countries
    M.Eng. paper by John Kosco; supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • Subband Adaptive Filter Algorithms for Acoustic Echo Cancellation
    M.Eng. paper by Paraskevas Argyropoulos; supervised by Karl Reichard
  • Room Acoustics of Home Recording Studios – A Case Study
    M.Eng. paper by Richard Morrison; supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • The Design and Control of 3-Way Loudspeakers Using Digital Signal Processing
    M.Eng. paper by Pierre-Charles Dube; supervised by David Swanson
  • Transfer Matrix Method for Predicting Sound Transmission Loss of Layered Foam Materials
    M.Eng. paper by John Anton; supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • Simulations of N-Wave and Shaped Supersonic Signature Turbulent Variations
    Ph.D. thesis by Trevor Stout; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Design and Testing of a Single-Crystal, Low-Frequency, Dual-Resonant Shear-Mode Transducer for Sonar Applications
    Ph.D. thesis by Ronald Karun; supervised by Thomas B. Gabrielson
  • Measurement and Analysis of Impedance in Loudspeakers Due to Eddy Currents
    M.S. thesis by Andrew Doyle; supervised by Stephen C. Thompson
  • Nondestructive Evaluation of Bolt Torque Levels Using Nonlinear Wave Modulation Spectroscopy
    M.S. thesis by Carter Neblett; supervised by Dean E. Capone
  • The Development of a Fast Method for the Calculation of Noise from Supersonic Jets
    M.S. thesis by Andrew Merck; supervised by Philip J. Morris
  • An Analysis of Acoustic Beam-forming with Sparse Transducer Arrays for Active Control
    M.S. thesis by Lane Miller; supervised by Stephen C. Thompson
  • Field Measurements of a Demising Wall Using an Intumescent Deflection Track and Exposed Concrete Ceiling
    M.Eng. paper by Christopher Hoying; supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • A Study of the Fatigue Damage Spectrum for Accelerated Testing
    M.Eng. paper by Odissei Touzanov; supervised by Guerrs/Cliff Lissenden
  • Recommendations for Instituting a Hearing Conversation Program in a Data Center Environment
    M.Eng. paper by Seth Bard; supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • Understanding Outdoor Infrasound Propagation
    M.Eng. paper by Michael Conaway; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Low-Frequency Control in Small, Critical Listening Rooms
    M.Eng. paper by Keenan Hye; supervised by David Swanson
  • Acoustic Considerations for Modeling Electromagnetic Guitar Pickups with Piezoelectric Sensors
    M.Eng. paper by Ryan Sheehan; supervised by David Swanson
  • Acoustic Design of a Baseball Level Recording Studio Control Room
    M.Eng. paper by Matthew Parsons; supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • Airborne Noise in Tires: A Survey of Noise Generation Mechanisms and Models
    M.Eng. paper by Brian Baddorf; supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • Free Field Characterization of Hemi-Anechoic Chamber
    M.Eng. paper by Kathryn Ferguson; supervised by Daniel A. Russell


  • Modeling and Measurement of Spatial Coherence for Normal Incidence Seafloor Scattering
    Ph.D. thesis by Daniel Brown; supervised by Thomas B. Gabrielson
  • Quiet Structure Design Using Acoustic Black Holes
    Ph.D. thesis by Philip Feurtado; supervised by Stephen C. Conlon
  • Quantifying the Uniaxial High Cycle Fatigue Life of Laminated Composites with a Resonant Beam Test
    M.S. thesis by Chester Kupchella; supervised by Robert L. Campbell and Stephen A. Hambric
  • Spice Modeling of a Dynamic Moving Coil Flexural Driver
    M.Eng. paper by David Michael Lozupone; supervised by Stephen C. Thompson
  • Title Unknown
    M.Eng. paper by Ajinkya Patil
  • Scholte Interface Waves in an Elastic Ocean Waveguide
    M.Eng. paper by Peter Romaine; supervised by Charles Holland
  • An Investigation of a Noise Source Generated by a Residential Boiler
    M.Eng. paper by Benjamin Johnson; supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • The Design, Construction, and Experimental Evaluation of a Compact Thermoacoustic-Stirling Engine Generator for Use in a Micro-Chip Appliance
    Ph.D. thesis by Douglas Wilcox; supervised by Thomas B. Gabrielson Chair, Robert M. Keolian dissertation adviser
  • Simulations for Investigating the Contrast Mechanism of Biological Cells with High Frequency Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
    Ph.D. thesis by Yada Juntarapaso; supervised by Richard L. Tutwiler
  • Properties of Low Frequency Underwater Noise in the Ocean Sound Channel
    Ph.D. thesis by Stephen Nichols; supervised by David L. Bradley
  • Title Unknown
    M.S. thesis by Shaun Ente; supervised by Stephen C. Thompson
  • Acoustic Fault Detection in Tactical Flow Meters
    M.S. thesis by Kevin Patterson; supervised by Karl Reichard
  • Design Improvements of an Underwater Low Frequency Projector Based on Clarinet Acoustics
    M.S. thesis by Veronica Koh; supervised by Stephen C. Thompson
  • Title Unknown
    M.S. thesis by Jethro Tannis; supervised by Stephen C. Thompson
  • Title Unknown
    M.Eng. paper by Kristina Wheatman
  • Measurement of Viscoelastic Material Properties Through Finite Element Optimization
    M.Eng. paper by Thomas Burns; supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • Developments in Acoustic Metamaterials for Acoustic Ground Cloaks
    Ph.D. thesis by Peter Kerrian; supervised by Amanda D. Hanford and Dean E. Capone
  • A New Metric to Predict Listener Envelopment Based on Spherical Microphone Array Measurements and Higher Order Ambisonic Reproductions
    Ph.D. thesis by David Dick; supervised by Michelle C. Vigeant
  • Auralizing Impulsive Sounds Outdoors Among Buildings
    Ph.D. thesis by Amanda Lind; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Stabilization of the Rayleigh-Benard Instability by Acceleration Modulation
    Ph.D. thesis by Anand Swaminathan; supervised by Steven L. Garrett
  • Single Event Comparisons of Predicted and Measured Sound at Vanccouver International Airport
    M.S. thesis by Manasi Biwalkar; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Acoustic Characterization on Penn State Recording Studio A, Above and Below the Schroeder Frequency
    M.S. thesis by Andrew Kinzie; supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • High Power Evaluation of Textured Piezoelectric Ceramics for Sonar Projectors
    M.S. thesis by Arjun Shankar; supervised by Richard J. Meyer, Jr.
  • Title Unknown
    M.S. thesis by Ivory Stokes; supervised by Stephen C. Thompson
  • The Prediction of Vibratory Stress in Wall-Bounded Jets Due to Unsteady Aeroacoustic Loading
    M.S. thesis by Claudio Notarangelo; supervised by Philip J. Morris
  • Practical Ultrasonic Transducers for High-Temperature Applications Using Bismuth Titanate and Ceramabind 830
    M.S. thesis by Janet Xu; supervised by Bernhard R. Tittmann
  • Quantifying Sonic Boom Metric Variability
    M.S. thesis by Joshua Palmer; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • The Acoustics of Emotion: Creation and Characterization of an Emotional Speech Database
    M.S. thesis by Peter Moriarty; supervised by Michelle C. Vigeant
  • The Minimum Number of Ground Measurements Required for Narrow Sonic Boom Metric 90% Confidence Intervals
    M.S. thesis by William Doebler; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Title Unknown
    M.Eng. paper by Derek Stadther; supervised by Dean E. Capone
  • Equivalent Circuit Model of a Flexural Disk Transducer
    M.Eng. paper by Lee Schroeder; supervised by Stephen C. Thompson
  • A Summary of Research Regarding the Audibility of Non-Minimum Phase Behavior in Live Sound Reinforcement
    M.Eng. paper by Adam Shulman; supervised by Stephen C. Thompson
  • Piezoelctric Buzzer Excitation and Response Measurememt Techniques
    M.Eng. paper by Darren Torrie; supervised by Karl Reichard
  • Acoustic Excitation of a Flanged Joint
    M.Eng. paper by Trevor Jerome; supervised by Stephen A. Hambric
  • Study of the Perception of Warmth in Concert Halls and Correlation with Room Acoustics Metrics
    M.Eng. Paper by Kristina M. Sorensen; Supervised by Michelle C. Vigeant
  • Noise Reduction of an Electret Microphone Array Using an Augmented Spectral Density Matrix Reduction Method
    M.Eng. Paper Derek L. Stadther; Supervised by William K. Bonness
  • The Prediction of Coupled Oscillator Modes Using DeltaEc
    M.Eng. Paper by Nicholas E. Platt; Supervised by Robert W. Smith
  • Characterization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Noise
    M.Eng. Paper by Kyle Hahn: Supervised by Stephen C. Thompson


  • Pipe Scaling of Two Great Organs
    M.Eng. Paper by Nicole Cuff; supervised by Daniel Russell
  • Finite Element Analysis on the Modeling of Complex Joints in Built up Structures
    M.Eng. Paper by Justin Zepp; supervised by John Fahnline
  • Acoustic Deterrence in Review
    M.Eng. Paper by Robert O. Bailey; supervised by Tim Brungart
  • An Investigation of Dispersion and Dissipation in 1-D Finite Difference Approximation Methods
    M.Eng. Paper by Rex P. Price; supervised by Victor Sparrow
  • Case Study of Impact Insulation Class (IIC) Ratings of Floor-Ceiling Assembly Separating Stacked Condominiums
    M.Eng. Paper by Nathan Q.C. Holland; supervised by Michelle Vigeant
  • Engineering Perspective on Concussions in Sports. Developing Prototype of a Head Impact Dosimeter.
    M.Eng. Paper by Sergey Samorezov; supervised by Dan Russell
  • Eile Bulk Cavitation Extent Modeling: An Energy-Based Approach
    Ph.D. thesis by J. James Esplin; supervised by R. Lee Culver
  • The Benefits of the Laboratory Simulation of Turbulent Boundary Layer Noise with Loudspeakers
    M.Eng. Paper by Alex J. Kremer; supervised by Dave Swanson
  • Acoustic Deterrence in Review
    M.Eng. Paper by Robert O. Bailey; supervised by Tim Brungart
  • Force Reconstruction Using Force Gauges and Modal Analysis
    M.S. Thesis by Wesley Axtell; supervised by Tyler Dare
  • Detectability Prediction for a Thermoacoustic Sensor in the Breazeale Nuclear Reactor Pool
    M.S. Thesis by Joshua Eric Hrisko; supervised by Steve Garrett
  • Acoustic and Vibrational Analysis of Golf Club Drivers
    M.S. Thesis by Peter A. Kerrian; supervised by Daniel Russell
  • Advanced Overset Methods for Vortex Dominated Flows
    Ph.D. Thesis by Norman F. Foster; supervised by Dean Capone
  • Is Pile Driving Detrimental to Aquatic Life?
    M.Eng. Paper by Adam C. Jenkins; Supervised by Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds
  • Design and Evaluation of a High-Intensity, Focused Ultrasound Transducer for the Non-Invasive Treatment of Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Neonates
    M.Eng. Paper by Ryan C. Mosse; Supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Prediction of Tonal Sound Levels from Outdoor Electrical Substation Transformers
    M.Eng. Paper by Jeffrey D. Szymanski; Supervised by Thomas B. Gabrielson
  • Supplementing the Airborne Noise Testing Methods of MIL- STD- 1474 with the Microflown
    M.Eng. Paper by Clinton R. Fleming; Supervised by Daniel A. Russell
  • Hearing Loss and Conservation
    M.Eng. Paper by Andrew M. Proper; Supervised by Karl A. Reichard
  • User Perception of Golf Club Quality and Performance Based on Acoustic Response at Impact
    M.Eng. Paper by Christopher S. Hatem; Supervised by Daniel A. Russell


  • Design of Listening Rooms with Soul
    M.Eng. Paper by Joseph T. Alexander; supervised by Dave Swanson
  • Piezoresistive Transducer Development, Modeling, and Characterization
    M.Eng. Paper by John Patrick King; supervised by Tom Gabrielson
  • Coherent Broadband and Sonar Signal Processing with Environmentally Corrected Matched Filter
    Ph.D. Thesis by Henry John Camin, III; supervised by Russell Burkhardt
  • Practical Sprayed-On Transducer Composites for High Temperature Applications
    M.S. Thesis by Kenneth Russell Ledford; supervised by Bernhard Tittmann
  • Like-Envelope Recombination: A Technique for Recombining Dependent Intrinsic Mode Functions
    M.S. Thesis by Timothy Hildebrandt; supervised by Dave Swanson
  • A Study of Sound Conduction to Provide Spatial Information in Navigation Systems for the Visually Impaired
    M.Eng. Paper by Michael Biffignani; supervised by Karl Reichard
  • Predicting Vibratory Stresses From Aero-Acoustic Loads
    Ph.D. Thesis by Matthew D. Shaw; supervised by Steve Hambric
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Quieting
    M.Eng. Paper by Karl K. Vogel; supervised by Dean Capone
  • An Introduction to Distributed Node Localization Using Ultrasonic Signals
    M.Eng. Paper by Michael T. Rudolph; supervised by Daniel Russell
  • Experimental Analysis of an Acoustic Guitar
    M.Eng. Paper by Corey A. Taylor; supervised by Daniel Russell
  • Vibrational Analysis of Hollow and Foam-filled Graphite Tennis Rackets
    M.Eng. Paper by Kritika Vayur; supervised by Daniel Russell
  • Measuring Asymmetry in Loudspeaker Soft Parts
    M.Eng. Paper by Michael J. Ciufo; supervised by Steve Thompson


  • Validation of a Wind Turbine Noise Model
    M.Eng. Paper by Bradley L. Nicholas; supervised by Philip Morris
  • Shipboard Structureborne Rumble Noise by High Speed Diesel Torsional-Axial Coupled Mode
    M.Eng. Paper by Darrell E. Milburn; supervised by Steve Hambric
  • Modeling Heat Transfer in Tonpilz Transducers to Predict Operating Temperatures
    M.Eng. Paper by Daniel L. Charles; supervised by Steve Thompson
  • Terrain Classification for Conditioned Based Maintenance
    M.S. Thesis by R. Troy Taylor; supervised by Karl Reichard
  • Wide Band Tonpilz Transducer
    M.Eng. Paper by Michael Beau Wilson; supervised by Steve Thompson
  • Ocean Environmental Effects on Walrus Communication
    Ph.D. Thesis by Samuel L. Denes; supervised by J. Miksis-Olds
  • Acoustic Reflection Coefficient: A Forward and Inverse Scattering Model for Ice and Bed Topography
    M.S. Thesis by Aneesh Kudekar; supervised by S. Anandakrishnan
  • High-Frequency Acoustic Scattering from Rough Elastic Surfaces
    Ph.D. Thesis by Derek Olson; supervised by A. Lyons
  • Passive Range Estimation Using Ship-Radiated Noise in Range-Dependent Shallow Water Environments
    Ph.D. Thesis by Alexander Sell; supervised by R. Lee Culver
  • Characterization of Complex Materials with Elastic Discontinuities Using Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
    M.S. Thesis by Xin Li; supervised by Richard Tutwiler
  • Structural Health Monitoring of a Shell Structure Using Piezoelectric Fiber Composite Strip Transducers
    M.S. Thesis by Aaron M. Lesky; supervised by Clifford Lissenden
  • Experimental Identification of Noise Paths and Mitigation Methods for a Device in a Submerged Environment
    M.S. Thesis by Adam Clark; supervised by Martin Trethewey
  • Structural-Acoustic Optimization of Structures Excited by Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow
    Ph.D. Thesis by Micah Shepherd; supervised by Steve Hambric
  • A Plane Wave Superposition Method: Modeling Acoustics Fields Inside Cavities
    M.S. Thesis by Matthew J. Kamrath; supervised by Gary H. Koopmann
  • Ultrasonic Guided Wave Nondestructive Evaluation Using Generalized Anisotropic Interface Waves
    Ph.D. Thesis by Michael S. Gardner; supervised by Joseph Rose


  • Modal Coupling of Directional Subwoofers in Rectangular Rooms
    M.S. Thesis by Philip Feurtado; supervised by Dave Swanson
  • A Sensitivity-Based Approach to Optimize the Surface Treatment of a Low-Height Tramway Noise Barrier
    Ph.D. Thesis by Alexandre Jolibois; supervised by Victor Sparrow
  • Investigation into the Properties of the Sound Field in a Reverberation Room and Identification of Bias and Error in Transmission Loss Measurements
    M.Eng. Paper by Kristopher P. Lynch; supervised by Steve Hambric
  • Simulation of Miniature Loudspeaker in Mobile Devices Using Equivalent Circuit and Finite Element Method
    M.Eng. Paper by Leonardo Kusumo; supervised by Steven Garrett
  • Structural Dynamic Responses in the Mid Frequency Range
    M.Eng. Paper by Edward L. Chase; supervised by Victor Sparrow
  • Characterization of Air-Moving Devices for Space Flight Hardware Using Improved Test Methods
    M.Eng. Paper by Nathan J. Burnside; supervised by Timothy Brungart
  • The Impact of Subsonic Twin Jets on Airport Noise
    M.Eng. Paper by Richard F. Bozak; supervised by Dennis K. McLaughlin
  • Assessing Model Uncertainties for Joint Inversions of Seismological Data Using a Genetic Algorithm in West Antarctica
    M.Eng. Paper by Pricilla D. Brownlow; supervised by Andrew Nyblade
  • Near-Field Beamforming Using a Linear Array in Deep and Shallow Water
    M.Eng. Paper by Brian Fowler; supervised by R. Lee Culver
  • Ultrasonic Guided Wave Bondline Evaluation of Thick Metallic Structures with Viscoelastic Coatings and the Demonstration of a Novel Mode Sweep Technique
    Ph.D. Thesis by Jason Bostron; supervised by Joseph Rose
  • Finite-Difference Time-Domain Modeling of Low-Amplitude Sonic Boom Diffraction Around Building Structures
    Ph.D. Thesis by Sang-Ik T. Cho; supervised by Victor Sparrow
  • Thermal Noise in Condenser Microphone Back Volumes
    M.S. Thesis by Benjamin Russo; supervised by Stephen Thompson
  • Experimental Determination of the Distributed Dynamic Coefficients for a Hydrodynamic Fluid Film Bearing
    Ph.D. Thesis by John Harrison Gyurko; co-supervised by Steve Hambric and Karl Reichard
  • Multilayer Transfer Matrix Characterization of Complex Materials with Scanning Acoustics Microscopy
    M.S. Thesis by Jeon Nyeon Kim; supervised by Richard Tutwiler
  • Traditional and Angle-Dependent Characterization of Penn State’s Panel Transmission Loss Suite
    M.S. Thesis by Paul Bauch; supervised by Steve Hambric
  • Variation in Low-Frequency Underwater Ambient Sound Level Estimates Based on Different Temporal Units of Analysis
    M.S. Thesis by Russell Hawkins; supervised by Jennifer Miksis-Olds
  • A Multi-Objective Evolutionary Optimization Approach to Procedural Noise Mitigation for Near-Ground Aircraft
    M.S. Thesis by Andrew Christian supervised by Victor Sparrow
  • Sonic Boom Propagation Using Weno Finite Difference Schemes
    M.Eng. Paper by Harshal Prakash Patankar; supervised by Victor Sparrow
  • Vibration-Based Sensor Design to Detect Lubrication Levels Contained within Differential Gear Housings
    M.S. Thesis by Stephen M. Wells; supervised by Karl Reichard
  • Self-Powered Thermoacoustic Sensor for In-Pile Nuclear Reactor Monitoring
    M.S. Thesis by Randall Ali; supervised by Steven Garrett


  • Using the Green’s Function Parabolic Equation Method to Predict Sound Propagation Outdoors in the Presence of Weather and Complex Terrain
    M.S. Thesis by Whitney L. Coyle; supervised by Victor Sparrow
  • Study of Ambient Noise in the South Tongue of the Ocean and Characteristics that Shape Its Signatures
    M.Eng. Paper by Sharon Collins; supervised by Dean Capone
  • Vehicle Interior Noise Simulation: The Future State of Noise and Vibration Prototyping
    M.Eng. Paper by Evelyn A. Breznik; supervised by Daniel Russell
  • A Lumped Element Model for an Inline Thermoacoustic Chiller
    M.S. Thesis by Eric Mitchell; supervised by Steven Garrett
  • Acoustic Cavitation Localization in Reverberant Environments
    M.S. Thesis by Samuel Anderson; supervised by Dean Capone
  • Acoustics Echo Path Study
    M.Eng. Paper by Gim Peing; supervised by Daniel Russell
  • A Root Cause Analysis for Elevator Governor False Trips
    M.S. Thesis by Daniel Young; supervised by John Fahnline
  • The Effects of Meteorology on the Effectiveness of Noise Barriers
    M.Eng. Paper by Dayna Sherwood; supervised by Victor Sparrow
  • Design Considerations for a Passive Sonar Intelligent Agent
    M.Eng. Paper by Sushma Chandran; supervised by R. Lee Culver
  • A Case for Selecting Equivalent A-Weighted Energy as a Damage Risk Criteria for Impulsive Noise
    M.Eng. Paper by William James Murphy; supervised by Daniel Russell
  • Excursion Effects of Mutual Impedance Coupling Between Closely-Spaced Loudspeakers: Theory and Measurement
    M.Eng. Paper by Richard D. Herr; supervised by Thomas Gabrielson
  • Dynamic Stabilization of the Rayleigh-Benard Instability in Rectangular Enclosures: A Computational Approach
    Ph.D. Thesis by Randy Carbo; supervised by Steven Garrett


  • Propagation of Sonic Booms in Urban Landscapes
    Ph.D. Thesis by Kimberly A. Riegel; supervised by Victor Sparrow
  • Experimental Investigation of a Thermoacoustic-Stirling Engine Electric Generator with Gedeon Streaming Suppression
    M.S. Thesis by Douglas A. Wilcox Jr.; supervised by R. Keolian
  • Plane Wave Seabed Reflection and Geoacoustic Inversion
    M.Eng. Paper by Sarah L. Crothers; supervised by Charles Holland
  • Data Measurement Analysis of Auroral Infrasonic Waves
    M.Eng. Paper by Christina L. Pisel; supervised by Thomas Gabrielson
  • High Coupling D32 Mode Cymbal Transducers
    M.S. Thesis by Timothy Stonelake; supervised by Richard Meyer
  • Unsteady Lift of Thick Airfoils in Incompressible Turbulent Flow
    Ph.D. Thesis by Peter D. Lysak; supervised by Dean Capone
  • Low Frequency Acoustic Propagation in a Shallow Water Environment in the Presence of Substantial Water Column Blockage
    M.Eng. Paper by Michael L. Zucker; supervised by David Bradley
  • Vibration and Damping of Hydrofoils in Uniform Flow
    M.S. Thesis by Marc Reese; supervised by Stephen Hambric
  • Model-Based Recursive Bayesian State Estimation for Single Hydrophone Passive Sonar Localization
    Ph.D. Thesis by Colin W. Jemmott; supervised by R. Lee Culver
  • A Comparison of Various Models Predicting the Attenuation of Sound by Bubbles
    M.Eng. Paper by Christopher Applegate; supervised by R. Lee Culver
  • Numerical Propagation of Aircraft En-Route Noise
    M.S. Thesis by Kieran Poulain; supervised by Victor Sparrow
  • Human Response to low-Amplitude Sonic Booms
    Ph.D. Thesis by Denise Miller; supervised by Victor Sparrow
  • Computer Modeling for Acoustics with Case Study
    M.Eng. Paper by Kurtis David Dallinga; supervised by David Swanson
  • Review of Radiated Noise Criteria for Fisheries Research Vessels
    M.Eng. Paper by Glenn M. Eckenrode; supervised by D. Christopher Barber
  • Validation of FEA Damped Model and Optimization on Damping Part Geometry
    M.Eng. Paper by David Gries; supervised by Victor Sparrow
  • Characterization of the Center for Acoustics and Vibration (CAV) Reverberation Chamber
    M.S. Thesis by Andrew Orr; supervised by Steven Hambric
  • Modeling Specular Reflections and Post Boom Noise to Augment Synthesized Outdoor Sonic Boom Signatures
    M.S. Thesis by Amanda B. Lind; supervised by Victor Sparrow
  • Enhanced Propagation Modeling of Directional Aviation Noise: A Hybrid Parabolic Equation-Fast Field Program Method
    Ph.D. Thesis by Joyce Rosenbaum; co-supervised by Anthony Atchley and Victor Sparrow
  • The Effects of Geometry and Adjacent Regenerators on Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers in Oscillating Flows
    Ph.D. Thesis by John Brady; supervised by Robert Keolian
  • A Design Approach for a Configurable High-Power Magnetostrictive Drive Made from Iron-Gallium Alloy (Galfenol)
    Ph.D. Thesis by Scott P. Porter; supervised by Stephen Thompson and Richard Meyer, Jr.
  • Determination of Internal Pipe Acoustic Pressure Using External Accelerometers
    M.S. Thesis by Alexandria R. Salton; supervised by Dean Capone
  • Low-Wavenumber Turbulent Boundary Layer Wall-Pressure Measurements from Vibration Data over Smooth and Rough Surfaces in Pipe Flow
    M.S. Thesis by Neal D. Evans; supervised by Dean Capone
  • Investigation of a Balanced-Armature Transducer for Vibrational Energy Harvesting
    M.S. Thesis by Nikolas T. Vitt; supervised by Stephen C. Thompson


  • Model-Based Recursive Bayesian State Estimation for Single Hydrophone Passive Sonar Localization
    Ph.D. Thesis by Colin W. Jemmott; supervised by R. Lee Culver
  • Development of Supersonic Intensity in Reverberant Environments (SIRE) with Applications in Underwater Acoustics
    Ph.D. Thesis by Andrew R. Barnard; supervisor Stephen Hambric
  • An Optimal Gear Design Method for Minimization of Transmission Error and Vibration Excitation
    Ph.D. Thesis by Cameron Reagor; supervised by William Mark
  • Vibration and Damping of Hydrofoils in Uniform Flow
    M.S. Thesis by Marc Reese; supervised by Stephen Hambric
  • The Acoustics of Piano String Vibration
    M.Eng. Paper by Matthew Blaisse, supervisor Dean Capone
  • Simple Jet Noise Reduction Methods: Chevrons and Beveled Nozzles
    M.Eng. Paper by Caroline J. Cooper; supervised by Philip J. Morris
  • Comparison of US Government Roadway Traffic Noise Projection Techniques with Case Study
    M.Eng. Paper by Margot Felicia Hildegard Fischli Dallinga; supervisor Victor W. Sparrow
  • Estimating and Modeling the Bubble Population Resulting from an Underwater Explosion by Inversion of Acoustic Attenuation Measurements
    M.S. Thesis by Fred Dryden Holt IV; supervised by R. Lee Culver
  • An Overview of Rotorcraft Blade Vortex Interaction (BVI) Noise
    M.Eng. Paper by Bryan Mayrides; supervised by Philip J. Morris
  • Effects of Propagating Internal Waves on Shallow-Water Acoustic Propagation During the Transverse Acoustic Variability Experiment of 2008
    M.S. Thesis by Chad M. Smith; supervised by David Bradley
  • A Preliminary Investigation of the Utilization of a Balanced-Armature Transducer as an Energy-Harvesting Device
    M.Eng. Paper by Holly Smith; supervised by Stephen Thompson
  • Ultrasonic Guided Wave Inspection Potential for Complex Structures
    M.Eng. Paper by David Zartman; supervised by Joseph Rose
  • Transient Structural Analyses Using Frequency-Domain Computations and Fouriert Transform Techniques
    M.S. Thesis by Daniel J. Turkosz; supervised by John B. Fahnline
  • The Acoustic Environment of Diesel-Electric Locomotive Cabs
    M.Eng. Paper by Jason C. Ross.P.E.; supervised by David C. Swanson
  • A Theoretical Comparison of Sound Transmission Losses of PC Case Panels Using Statictical Energy Analysis
    M.Eng. Paper by Jon F. Kull; supervised by Stephen A. Hambric
  • Comparison of Acoustic Systems for Accurate Estimation of Fish Abundance
    M.Eng. Paper by Diana Alexandra Iona; supervised by Jennifer Mikis-Olds
  • Noise Projection Techniques with Case Study
    M.Eng. Paper by Margot Felicia Hildegard Fischli Dallinga; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Comparison of Acoustic Systems for Accurate Estimation of Fish Abundance
    M.S. Thesis by Diana Ioan; supervisor Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds
  • Speech Crest Factor Reduction for Loudness Improvement and its Impact on Listening Quality
    M.Eng. Paper by Cheah Heng Tan; Supervised by Karl A. Reichard



Founded in 1965, Penn State's Graduate Program in Acoustics has become the leading resource for graduate education in acoustics in the United States. The interdisciplinary program leads to the degrees: Master of Engineering in Acoustics (M.Eng.), Master of Science in Acoustics (M.S.), and Doctor of Philosophy in Acoustics (Ph.D.)

Graduate Program in Acoustics

College of Engineering

The Pennsylvania State University

201 Applied Science Building

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