Theses and Papers in the Graduate Program in Acoustics (1970-1979)


  • Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of the Acoustical Characteristics of Forests
    M.S. Thesis by David E. Carlson; supervised by G. Reethof
  • The Frequency Dependence of Normal-Mode Attenuation in Shallow-Water Sound Propagation
    Ph.D. Thesis by Walter R. Caswell; supervised by S. T. McDaniel
  • Digital Wavefront Reconstruction for Acoustical Applications
    Ph.D. Thesis by Robert L. Cohen; supervised by E. J. Skudrzyk
  • Axisymmetric Scattering of a Spherical Wave by a Prolate Spheroid
    M.S. Thesis by Alain Germon; supervised by G. C. Lauchle
  • The Design of Piezoelectric Transducers Using Goal Programming
    M.S. Thesis by Diana F. McCammon; supervised by W. Thompson, Jr.
  • The Effect of Rotating Diffusers on the Diffusion in Reverberation Rooms
    M.S. Thesis by Marc S. Warshawsky; supervised by J. Tichy
  • Vibration of Plates of Various Geometries
    Ph.D. Thesis by Earl G. Williams; supervised by E. Skudrzyk
  • Transient Response Optimization of Piezoelectric Disc Transducers by Time Domain Techniques
    Ph.D. Thesis by Henry A. Wolf; supervised by J. M. Lawther and W. Thompson, Jr.


  • Underwater Acoustic Absorption Characteristics of Composites of Wood, Rubber, and Steel
    M.Eng. Paper by Felicia A. Barge; supervised by G. C. Lauchle
  • Sound Field in a Reverberation Chamber with One Oscillating Wall
    M.S. Thesis by Martin J. Brien; supervised by J. Tichy
  • Evaluation of the Effects of Short Duration Noise Exposures on a Battery of Hearing Tests
    M.S. Thesis by Anthony P. Carito; supervised by P. L. Michael
  • Reverberation Time Measurements in an Underwater Chamber with and without a Pressure-Release Wall Covering
    M.S. Thesis by Richard J. Fridrich; supervised by E. C. Andrews
  • Diffraction Effects of Baffles on Acoustic Directivity Patterns
    Ph.D. Thesis by W. Jack Hughes; supervised by E. J. Skudrzyk
  • Doppler Shift in Layered Media
    M.S. Thesis by Richard A. Kolano; supervised by R. O. Rowlands
  • Discrimination of Noise-Like Sounds Involving Multiple Interacting Features
    M.S. Thesis by Douglas W. Martin; supervised by R. W. Farwell
  • The Identifiability of Approximate Vocal Tract Impulse Response Magnitudes
    M.S. Thesis by Francis S. McKendree; supervised by R. O. Rowlands
  • Combustion Noise from a Turbulent Premixed Methane Flame
    M.S. Thesis by Bela Schmidt; supervised by R. E. A. Arndt
  • The Effectiveness of Some Recent Damping Treatments in the Reduction of the Vibration of Fluid-Loaded Finite Plates
    M.S. Thesis by Richard W. Thomas; supervised by John A. Macaluso and Geoffrey L. Wilson


  • Experimental Investigation of the Sound Field Modulation Phenomenon of a Rotating Diffuser
    Ph.D. Thesis by Kenneth P. Roy; supervised by J. Tichy
  • Evaluation of an Objective Technique for Measuring the Noise Attenuation of Insert-Type Hearing Protectors
    M.S. Thesis by Bruce F. Beaudry; supervised by P. L. Michael
  • The Effects of Clipping on Linear Beamforming with Sinusoidal Inputs
    M.S. Thesis by Arlen E. Breiholz; supervised by C. L. Ackerman
  • An Experimental Treatment of Auditory Discrimination of Complex Noise-Like Sounds
    Ph.D. Thesis by C. P. Janota; supervised by R. W. Farwell
  • An Experimental Determination of the Dynamic Young’s Modulus of Selected Viscoelastic Materials
    M.Eng. Thesis by Victor M. Maza; supervised by D. W. Ricker
  • Noise Due to the Interaction of Boundary Layer Turbulence with a Marine Propulsor or an Aircraft Compressor
    M.S. Thesis by Neil A. Moiseev; supervised by B. Lakshminarayana


  • Evaluation of a Reverberation Model with Multiple Boundary Reflections
    M.S. Thesis by Chih-Liang Chin; supervised by R. W. Farwell
  • Tree Bark and the Forest Floor as Sound Absorbing Elements Within a Forest
    M.S. Thesis by Leslie D. Frank; supervised by G. Reethof
  • Effect of Source Position on Sound Power Radiation in a Reverberant Chamber
    M.S. Thesis by Gary E. Mange; supervised by J. Tichy
  • Dynamic Vibration Absorbers of Conventional and Novel Design
    M.S. Thesis by Matthew A. Nobile; supervised by J. C. Snowdon
  • Mechanical Antivibration Filter Design Using Electrical Network Synthesis Techniques
    M.S. Thesis by Craig B. Putnam; supervised by R. O. Rowlands
  • Target Strength Measurements for an Aircraft
    M.Eng. Paper by Albert F. Waynick; supervised by R. O. Rowlands
  • A Theoretical and Experimental Study of Acoustic Propagation in Multi-Sectioned Circular Ducts
    Ph.D. Thesis by Barry R. Wyerman; supervised by G. Reethof


  • Technique for Measuring Bottom Velocity of a Water-Glycerine Interface Utilizing a Normal Specific Acoustic Impedance Measurement
    M.S. Thesis by James H. Everett, Jr.; supervised by R. W. Farwell
  • Acoustic Modulation by Time-Harmonic Boundary Motion
    Ph.D. Thesis by Yun-Fan Hwang; supervised by J. Tichy
  • An Experimental Investigation of the Wall Pressure Fluctuations in Piping Containing Simple Control Devices
    Ph.D. Thesis by Albertas V. Karvelis; supervised by G. Reethof
  • The Effect of Position of a Rotating Diffuser on the Qualification of a Reverberation Chamber at Discrete Frequencies
    M.Eng. Paper by Raymond G. Kunicki; supervised by J. Tichy
  • Electroacoustic Feedback in Rectangular Reverberation Chambers
    M.S. Thesis by Jerry G. Lilly; supervised by J. Tichy
  • Near-Field Calibration of Underwater Electroacoustic Transducers
    Ph.D. Thesis by Robert D. Marciniak; supervised by R. O. Rowlands and W. Thompson, Jr.
  • Propagation of Sound at Moderate and High Intensities in Absorbent and Hard-Walled Cylindrical Ducts
    Ph.D. Thesis by O. H. McDaniel; supervised by G. Reethof
  • Transmissibility Across Simply Supported, Rectangular, Thin Plates with Loading Masses or Ribs
    M.S. Thesis by John B. Ochs; supervised by J. C. Snowdon
  • A Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Generation and Reduction of Multiple Higher-Order Modes in a Hard-Walled, Anechoically-Terminated Cylindrical Duct
    Ph.D. Thesis by Michael J. Oslac; supervised by G. Reethof
  • A Theoretical Inquiry Concerning Artistic Communication and an Experimental Study of the Perception of Different Artistic Media
    M.S. Thesis by Dominique M. Richard; supervised by E. E. Watson
  • Acoustic Radiation from Prolate Spheroidal Lenses
    Ph.D. Thesis by Frank M. Valenzuela; supervised by S. I. Hayek
  • Frequency Domain Adaptive Decoupling in Multiple Output Array Processors
    Ph.D. Thesis by Charles R. Zentner; supervised by L. H. Sibul and R. O. Rowlands


  • Vibrations of and Acoustic Radiation From Line-Excited Rib-Stiffened Damped Plates in Water
    Ph.D Thesis by Robert M. Gorman; supervised by J. C. Snowdon
  • Acoustic Diffraction by Spheroids
    Ph.D. Thesis by Gerald C. Lauchle; supervised by E. J. Skudrzyk
  • Bounds on Errors in the Ambiguity Function of Digitally Generated Signals
    Ph.D Thesis by William H. Marsh; supervised by R. O. Rowlands
  • Sound Radiation From an Elastically Supported Circular Plate
    M.S. Thesis by Hideo Suzuki; supervised by J. Tichy
  • Relative Merits of Threshold Exceedance and Spectrum Analysis Systems for Detecting Amplitude Modulation of Noise
    M.S. Thesis by Anthony R. Thompson; supervised by R. O. Rowlands
  • Absorption Characteristics of Glass Fiber Materials at Normal and Oblique Incidence
    M.S. Thesis by Barry R. Wyerman; supervised by G. Reethof


  • An Impulse Response of the Ocean Model
    M.S. Thesis by Walter R. Caswell; supervised by R. W. Farwell
  • The Effectiveness of a Baffle in Reducing the Noise of an Acoustic Receiving Array
    Ph.D. Thesis by Gerald L. Mohnkern; supervised by S. I. Hayek


  • A Study of the Acoustic Pumping Used to Achieve the Analogous ac Josephson Effect in He II
    Ph.D. Thesis by Edward C. Andrews; supervised by M. T. Pigott
  • Methods of Evaluating the Noise Pure Tone Attenuation of Hearing Protectors
    Ph.D. Thesis by David F. Bolka; supervised by P. L. Michael
  • A Nonlinear Regression Model for Hydrophone Location
    M.S. Thesis by A. Michael Ho; supervised by L. H. Sibul
  • Transverse Vibration of Uniform and Nonuniform, Internally Damped Cantilever Beams
    Ph.D. Thesis by Roger L. Kerlin; supervised by J. C. Snowdon
  • Degradation of a Signal Processing Performance Due to Clipping and Reverberation
    M.Eng. Paper by Micheal V. Mele; supervised by R.O. Rowlands
  • Applications of Statistical Methods to the Vibration and Acoustic Radiation of Fluid Loaded Cylindrical Shells
    Ph.D. Thesis by David S. Pallett; supervised by S. I. Hayek and E. J. Skudrzyk
  • Acoustic Radiation From a Point Excited Infinite Elastic Plate
    Ph.D. Thesis by Alan D. Stuart; supervised by E. J. Skudrzyk
  • Two Approaches to the Measurement of Biological Sound Scattering Using Explosive Sound Sources
    M.S. Thesis by Peter Van Schuyler; supervised by R. W. Farwell


  • The Transmission of Sound Through A Stochastic Interface
    Ph.D. Thesis by John C. Calhoun; supervised by M. T. Pigott
  • Parameters Estimation Algorithms for Digital Systems
    M.S. Thesis by Claus P. Janota; supervised by C. L. Ackerman
  • Acoustic Radiation and Scattering from Two Eccentrically Positioned Spheres
    Ph.D. Thesis by William Thompson, Jr.; supervised by P. M. Kendig
  • Detection of Sound Radiation from Plates Using Long Wavelength Acoustical Holography
    Ph.D. Thesis by E. Eugene Watson; supervised by E. J. Skudrzyk


  • Multipath and Attenuation Studies in the Deep Ocean
    Ph.D. Thesis by John P. Beam; supervised by R. O. Rowlands and R. W. Farwell
  • Reverberant Chamber Measurement of the Mean of Pressure Squared Due to Pure Tone Excitation
    M.S. Thesis by Dennis J. Doherty; supervised by C. A. Boyd
  • A Laser Interferometer Method to Measure the Second Harmonic Distortion in the Acoustic Output of a Transducer
    M.S. Thesis by Dennis D. Doughty; supervised by C. A. Boyd
  • Underwater Acoustic Scattering and its Effect on Binary Decoding
    Ph.D. Thesis by Louis A. King; supervised by R. O. Rowlands
  • On the Transmission of Sound from a Monopole Source Through a Finite, Corrugated Boundary Between Fluid Media
    Ph.D. Thesis by John A. Macaluso; supervised by W. L. Baker and R. W. Farwell
  • Sound Absorption in Acoustically Treated Ducts in the Presence of Oblique Waves
    M.S. Thesis by Peter A. Marino, Jr.; supervised by G. Reethof
  • Sound Propagation in Continuous Stochastic Media
    Ph.D. Thesis by Jerome A. Neubert; supervised by J. L. Lumley
  • Obtaining High Acoustic Source Levels from an Underwater Transducer While Suppressing the Inception of Cavitation
    M.S. Thesis by David E. Ojima; supervised by J. H. Prout
  • Design of Rectangular Classrooms for Speech Intelligibility
    Ph.D. Thesis by Fritz M. Strumpf; supervised by R. S. Brubaker


Founded in 1965, Penn State's Graduate Program in Acoustics has become the leading resource for graduate education in acoustics in the United States. The interdisciplinary program leads to the degrees: Master of Engineering in Acoustics (M.Eng.), Master of Science in Acoustics (M.S.), and Doctor of Philosophy in Acoustics (Ph.D.)

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