Theses and Papers in the Graduate Program in Acoustics (1990-1999)


  • Modeling the Unsteady Forces on a Finite-Length Circular Cylinder in Cross-Flow
    Ph.D. Thesis by Dean E. Capone; supervised by Gerald C. Lauchle
  • Efficient Computation of Normal-Mode Underwater Acoustic Propagation at High Frequencies
    M.S. Thesis by Terry J. Deveau; supervised by David L. Bradley
  • The Design and Fabrication of a Fiber Optic Flexural Disk Accelerometer
    M.S. Thesis by Andrew J. Doller; supervised by Steven L. Garrett and Karl M. Reichard
  • Acoustical Scattering from Atmospheric Turbulence
    M.S. Thesis by Angelina M. Freeman; supervised by Courtney B. Burroughs
  • A New Wavelet Basis for the Decomposition of Gear Motion Error Signals and its Application to Gearbox Diagnostics
    M.S. Thesis by Antonio J. Miller; supervised by Karl M. Reichard
  • Characterization of Folded Beam Waveguide Absorbers for Damping of Flexural Vibrations of a Thick Plate
    M.S. Thesis by Carl M. Pray; supervised by Stephen A. Hambric and Timothy E. McDevitt
  • A Kalman Filtering Approach to the Wideband Spreading Function Estimation and Updating
    Ph.D. Thesis by Michael J. Roan; supervised by Leon H. Sibul
  • A Study of Tire/Pavement Interaction Noise Using Nearfield Acoustical Holography
    Ph.D. Thesis by Richard J. Ruhala; supervised by Courtney B. Burroughs
  • Comparison of Measured and Predicted Sound Radiation from Micro-Loudspeakers
    M.S. Thesis by Jennifer A. Shaw; supervised by Courtney B. Burroughs
  • Wavelet Parameters for Speech Synthesis
    M.S. Thesis by Brian C. Tuttle; supervised by C.P. Janota
  • Lessons From a Thermoacoustics Refrigeration Demonstration Device
    M.S. Thesis by Ray S. Wakeland; supervised by Steven L. Garrett
  • Radiation Mechanisms from Bowed Violins
    Ph.D. Thesis by Lily M. Wang; supervised by Courtney B. Burroughs
  • Hydrodynamic Lift and Drag Fluctuations of a Sphere
    Ph. D. thesis by Jack Wang; supervised by G. C. Lauchle
  • Investigation of a Dual-Stack Annular Thermoacoustic Prime Mover
    M.S. Thesis by Brent A. Carter; Supervised by Anthony Atchley
  • A Reciprocity Technique for Modeling Road Noise Transmission into Vehicles
    M.S. Thesis by John S. Knight; Supervised by Courtney Burroughs
  • Delta-Sigma Modulated Audio Test Signals
    M.Eng. Paper by Russell A. Siggelkoe; Supervised by Karl A. Reichard
  • Design and Testing of an Extended Path Sonic Anemometer for Atmospheric Turbulence Measurements
    M.Eng. Paper by Chia-Ning Ao; Supervised by Dennis W. Thomson


  • A Velocity Gradient Underwater Acoustic Intensity Sensor
    M.S. Thesis by Kevin Bastyr; supervised by Gerald C. Lauchle
  • Sensitivity of Scattering Function Estimates to Physical Parameter Measurement Errors with Applications to the Wavelet Transform Domain Estimator-Correlator
    Ph.D. Thesis by Deborah M. Grove; supervised by Lora G. Weiss
  • An Acoustic Interferometer for Measuring Sound Speed Variations in a Turbulent Fluid
    M.S. Thesis by Michael Daley; supervised by Ken Gilbert
  • Performance Measurements of the SETAC Thermoacoustic Refrigerator
    M.S. Thesis by Anat Grant; supervised by Steven L. Garrett
  • Detection of Surface Defects in a Bearing Using Electromagnetic Flux
    M.S. Thesis by Ellen M. Bradley; supervised by David C. Swanson
  • The Characterization of Delay Spread Channels Using Cross Correlation Processing
    Ph.D. Thesis by James J. Kisenwether; supervised byDennis W. Ricker
  • Measurement and Calculation of Individual Head-Related Transfer Functions Using a Boundary Element Model Including the Measurement and Effect of Skin and Hair Impedance
    Ph.D. Thesis by Brian F. Katz; supervised by Jiri Tichy
  • Characterization of Dispersive Material Effects on Spread Spectrum Acoustic Signals
    M.S. Thesis by Daniel G. LaPointe; supervised by Karl M. Reichard and Randy K. Young
  • A Development of Various Techniques for Investigating Ray Chaos in Underwater Acoustic Propagation
    Ph.D. Thesis by Martin A. Mazur; supervised by Kenneth E. Gilbert
  • Atmospheric Acoustic Propagation: Characterization of Magnitude and Phase Variability
    Ph.D. Thesis by David E. Norris; supervised by Dennis W. Thomson
  • Active Minimization of Energy Density in a Three-Dimensional Enclosure
    Ph.D. Thesis by John W. Parkins; supervised by Scott D. Sommerfeldt and Jiri Tichy
  • Performance Measurements on a Thermoacoustic Refrigerator Driven at High Amplitudes
    M.S. Thesis by Matthew E. Poese; supervised by Steven L. Garrett
  • Effects of Realistic Ocean Features on Sonic Boom Noise Penetration into the Ocean: A Computational Analysis
    Ph.D. Thesis by Judith L. Rochat; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Thin Film Characterization with Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy
    M.Eng. Paper by Phillip J. White; supervised by Julian D. Maynard
  • Exponential Pulse Propagation in a Pekeris Waveguide by the Method of Normal Modes
    M.S. Thesis by Laurie Bothell; Supervised by D.F. McCammon
  • Two-Dimensional Fourier Analysis of Helicopter Flyover Noise
    M.S. Thesis by Odilyn Santa Maria; Supervised by Phillip J. Morris
  • Feature Prediction and Tracking for Monitoring the Condition of Complex Mechanical Systems
    M.S. Thesis by Katherine T. McClintic; Supervised by Karl Reichard and David L. Hall
  • Application of Spectral Correlation Signal Processing Techniques to Localize a BPSK Modulated Acoustics Source
    M.S. Thesis by Gerard Michaud; Supervised by David C. Swanson
  • Development of a Speech Intelligibility Based Method of hearing Protector Selection
    Ph.D. Thesis by Efrem R. Reeves; Supervised by Claus P. Janota
  • The Separation of the Structure-Borne Sound Intensity of Bending and Longitudinal Waves Using a Wave Decomposition Technique
    Ph.D. Thesis by Richard Szwerc; Supervised by Courtney B. Burroughs and Timothy E. McDevitt
  • Air Bubbles in Seawater: Origin, Acoustic Properties and Applications
    M.Eng. Paper by Christopher H. Abdnour; Supervised by David L. Bradley
  • The Effects of Bubble Layer Structure and Water Column Stability on Acoustics Backscatter
    M.Eng. Paper by Kathryn K. Bekker; Supervised by Kenneth E. Gilbert


  • Laser-Modulated Phase-Stepping Digital Shearography for the Quantitative Analysis of Structural Vibration
    Ph.D. Thesis by Benjamin A. Bard; supervised by B. R. Tittmann
  • In-Depth Analysis of a Stationary, Shallow Water, Temperature Profile
    M.Eng. Paper by Derek K. Burnett; supervised by D.F. McCammon
  • Boundary Condition Effects on Turbulent Boundary Layer Wall Pressure Fluctuations
    Ph.D. Thesis by Timothy A. Brungart; supervised by Gerald C. Lauchle
  • The Effect of Aircraft Maneuvers on Sonic Boom Noise Penetration Into a Flat Ocean
    M.S. Thesis by Tracie J. Ferguson; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Flow-Induced Sound from Turbulent Boundary Layer Separation Over a Rearward Facing Step
    Ph.D. Thesis by Walter A. Kargurs; supervised by Gerald C. Lauchle
  • Inversion of Normal Incidence Backscatter Data from Gaseous Sediments
    M.Eng. Paper by Timothy J. Kulbago; supervised by Kenneth E. Gilbert
  • Cyclic Variation of Ultrasonic Backscattering from Porcine Whole Blood Under Pulsatile Flow
    Ph.D. by Yu-Hong Lin; supervised by K. Kirk Shung
  • Sensitivity of a Computational Version of the Kirchoff Integral Theorem to Surface Discretization
    M.S. Thesis by John A. Mills III; supervised by D. E. Thomson
  • Experimental Methods and Results of Homomorphic Decomposition and Synthesis of Speech
    M.S. Thesis by Michael W. Roeckel; supervised by C. L. Ackerman
  • Sound Localization Simulation via Wavefront Recreation
    M.S. Thesis by Debbie Sastrapradja; supervised by Courtney B. Burroughs
  • Properties of Ultrasonic Transducers
    M.Eng. Paper by Marguerite V. Schrupp (Hoefling); supervised by W. Jack Hughes
  • The Development of an Active Trim Panel Using Vibrational Error Sensors
    M.S. Thesis by Stephan J. Sharp; supervised by Gary H. Koopman
  • Investigation of Mechanisms that Cause Changes to Bottom Reverberation Fluctuation Statistics
    Ph.D. by Linda S. Sheckler (Deliman); supervised by Diana F. McCammon
  • Measurement of Flexural Intensity Using a Dual Mode Fiber Optic Sensor
    M.S. Thesis by Bernard J. Sklanka; supervised by Karl M. Reichard
  • Normal Mode Theory of Underwater Acoustic Propagation: Derivation and Experimental Results
    M.Eng. Paper by Todd A. Smart; supervised by R.R. Goodman
  • A Current-Drive Method for Distortion Reduction in Moving-Coil Loudspeakers
    M.Eng. Paper by Gerald R. Stanley; supervised by David C. Swanson
  • Experiments on the Noise Produced by Naturally Occurring Instability Modes in Centrifugal Turbomachinery
    M.S. Thesis by Todd S. Wolownik; supervised by D.K. McLaughlin


  • The Effect on Beamforming and Sonar Self-Noise of an Unintentional Random Distribution of Phase-Reversed Elements in a Cylindrical Sonar Array
    M.Eng. Paper by Donald C. Barber; supervised by R. L. Culver
  • The Focusing Properties of an Acoustic Thin Lens and Zone Plate
    M.Eng. Paper by John R. Craig; supervised by W. J. Hughes
  • Computational Technique for Phase Space Analysis of Signals
    M.Eng. Paper by Gordon M. Curran; supervised by C. L. Ackerman
  • Bubble Formation, Movement and Measurement
    M.Eng. Paper by Laurie A. Galvin; supervised by D. F. McCammon
  • Analysis of the Sound Field and Energy Requirements of Pressure- and Intensity-Based Active Control Schemes in a Finite Duct with Non-Rigid Sources
    M.S. Thesis by Scott M. Hirsch; supervised by Karl M. Reichard and David C. Swanson
  • Flow-Induced Self Noise on Spherical and Cylindrical Sensors
    M.S. Thesis by Andrew R. Jones; supervised by Gerald C. Lauchle
  • A Model for Bending Wave Power Measurement Error Resulting from the Presence of Longitudinal Waves
    M.S. Thesis by Kelly Q. Kay; supervised by David C. Swanson
  • A Modal Analysis Technique for Observing Precursors to Mechanical Failure
    M.S. Thesis by Douglas P. Koehn, supervised by D. C. Swanson
  • Experimental Estimation of Scattering Functions Utilizing the UPF Receiver
    M.S. Thesis by Christopher J. Link; supervised by R. L. Culver
  • Active Control of Discrete-Frequency Noise from Small Subsonic Fans
    M.S. Thesis by John R. MacGillivray; supervised by G.C. Lauchle
  • Reflection, Radiation, and Coupling of Higher Order Modes at Discontinuities in Finite Length Rigid Walled Rectangular Ducts
    Ph.D. Thesis by Ralph T. Muehleisen; supervised by D. C. Swanson
  • Estimates of the Wavenumber-Frequency Spectra for the Non-Homogeneous Streamwise Transition Flow Pressure Field
    M.S. Thesis by Ronald I. Ochsenknecht; supervised by G. C. Lauchle
  • Multiple-Reference Adaptive Noise Control in Enclosures
    M.S. Thesis by Zane M. Rhea; supervised by C. B. Burroughs and S. D. Sommerfeldt
  • Elastic Properties of Novel Materials Using PVDF Film and Resonant Acoustic Spectroscopy
    Ph.D. Thesis by Philip S. Spoor; supervised by J. D. Maynard
  • Acoustic Intensity Probe Array
    M.S. Thesis by David J. Van Tol; supervised by W. J. Hughes
  • Matched Field Processing on an Underwater Surveillance Environment: An Overview of Methods and Required Modeling
    M.Eng. Paper by Pierre A. Viens; supervised by C. L. Ackerman


  • Modeling of Bending Waves Using Explicit and Implicit Finite Difference Schemes
    M.Eng. Paper by John J.L. Beard; supervised by V. Sparrow
  • Effect of Various Surface Height Distribution Properties on Acoustic Backscattering Statistics
    M.S. Thesis by Kyle M. Becker; supervised by R.L.Culver
  • Measurement and Visualization of Instantaneous Power Flow in Steady-state Acoustic Fields
    Ph.D. Thesis by Thomas H. Burns; supervised by W. Thompson, Jr. and Courtney B. Burroughs
  • A Superposition Model for the Study of Acoustic Radiation by Finite Length Cylinders
    M.S. Thesis by Mark J. Bregar; supervised by O.H. McDaniel
  • Underwater Linear Horn Array Simulator
    M.S. Thesis by Stephen C. Butler; supervised by W.J. Hughes
  • A Narrow-Band Investigation of the Seat-Dip Phenomenon
    M.S. Thesis by David A. Greenberg; supervised by C.B. Burroughs
  • Performance Criteria for Coherent Interping Reverberation Suppression
    M.Eng. Paper by Douglas J. Grimmett; supervised by R.L. Culver
  • An Exact Analysis of Pressure-Based and Energy Density-Based Strategies for Minimizing the Sound Field in an Impedance-Terminated Duct
    M.S. Thesis by Steven R. Grosz; supervised by J. Tichy
  • Acoustic Backscattering from Fish: A Tutorial Overview
    M.Eng. Paper by Kevin R. Gustafson; supervised by F.Menotti
  • Gender Differences and the Development of the Frequency Importance Functions Using the Articulation Index
    M.S. Thesis by Mary C. Herr; supervised by C.P. Janota
  • Calibration and Validation of an Interfacial Acoustic Intensity Probe
    M.S. Thesis by Paul C. Janzen; supervised by G. H. Koopman
  • Analysis of High Percision Ball Bearing Noise
    M.Eng. Paper by Thuong K. Mac; supervised by O.H. McDaniel
  • Remote Determination of Sound Speed in an Elastic Medium
    M.S. Thesis by Todd A. Matthias; supervised by R.L. Culver
  • Estimation of Shallow-Water Backscattering Strength from Sonar Reverberation Data and the Sonar Equation
    M.Eng. Paper by Jason T. Mirise, supervised by R. R. Goodman
  • Estimation of Signal Source Level in the Presence of Multipath Using Cepstral Processing Techniques
    M.Eng. Paper by Duane L. Nightingale; supervised by A.D. Stuart
  • A Numerical Study of Weak Step Shocks that Focus in Two Dimensions
    Ph.D. Thesis by Andrew A. Piacsek; supervised by A. D. Pierce
  • Two Applications of Sound Intensity for Industrial Noise Control Engineering
    M.Eng. Paper by Eugene M. Reindel; supervised by J.S. Lamancusa
  • The Theory of Fuzzy Structures and its Application to Waves in Plates and Shells
    Ph.D. Thesis by Daniel A. Russell; supervised by Victor W. Sparrow
  • Estimating Acoustic Radiation from a Bernoulli-Euler Beam Using Shaped Polyvinylidene Fluoride Film
    M.S. Thesis by Brian L. Scott; supervised by S.D. Sommerfeldt
  • Time-Frequency Processing Methods for Short Term Acoustic Transients
    M.Eng. Paper by Michael W. Slater; supervised by L.H. Sibul
  • Fundamentals of Guitar Acoustics
    M.Eng. Paper by John W. Tepper; supervised by S.D. Sommerfeldt
  • Application of Skudrzyk’s Mean Value Theory Toward Predicting the Vibration of Fluid-Loaded Plates
    M.S. Thesis by Rendell R. Torres; supervised by V.W. Sparrow and A.D. Stuart
  • Practical Considerations in Focused Array Design for Passive Broad-Band Source Mapping Applications
    M.Eng. Paper by James R. Underbrink; supervised by R.L. Culver
  • Kaneohe Acoustic Thermometer Interpreted with the Meandering of a Modelled Subtropical Front
    M.S. Thesis by Michael J. Zelman; supervised by J.L. Spiesberger


  • Eigenvalue Tests and Distributions for Small Sample Order Determination for Complex Wishart Matrices
    Ph.D. Thesis by Curtis I. Caldwell; supervised by L. H. Sibul
  • Time Averaged Pressure Distribution Calculations for Finite Amplitude Standing Waves
    M.S. Thesis by Reh-Lin Chen; supervised by V.W. Sparrow
  • Design and Analysis of a Cylindrical Nearfield Calibration Array
    M.S. Thesis by Philip A. Ferlino; supervised by W. J. Hughes
  • Ensemble Averaging Experiments to Measure the Directivity of Centrifugal Turbomachinery
    M.Eng. Paper by Matthew L. Hettenhouse; supervised by D. K. McLaughlin
  • A Feasibility Study for Actively Controlling the Radiated Acoustic Power of a 345/115 KV Autotransformer
    M.S. Thesis by Bruce M. Jagolinzer; supervised by G. H. Koopmann
  • Determination of Phase Modulating Function from a Power Spectrum Definition
    M.S. Thesis by David G. Kasper; supervised by C.L. Ackerman
  • Extension to the Image Method Model of Sound Propagation in a Room
    Ph.D. Thesis by Paul S. Kovitz; supervised by D. C. Swanson
  • A Wavelet Model for Vocalic Speech Coarticulation
    Ph.D. Thesis by Robert C. Lange; supervised by C. P. Janota
  • Dispersion Relations for Waves on Fluid-Loaded Elastic Hollow Cylinders and Cylindrical Shells
    Ph.D. Thesis by Martin G. Manley; supervised by A. D. Pierce
  • Wave Phenomena on Fluid-Loaded Cylindrical Shells
    Ph.D. Thesis by Steve L. Means; supervised by A. D. Pierce
  • The Effects of Fuzzy Attachments on Compressional and Shear Waves in a Plate
    M.S. Thesis by Judy Rochat; supervised by V.W. Sparrow
  • Advanced Time-Frequency Analysis: Theory and Application to Machinery Condition Assessment
    M.Eng. Paper by Robert A. Rohrbaugh; supervised by L. H. Sibul
  • Lattice Gas Models for Sound Propagation Simulation
    Ph.D. Thesis by Yasushi Sudo; supervised by V. W. Sparrow
  • An Alias Reduction Technique in Digital Signal Processing with no Transition Band
    M.Eng. Paper by Michael W. Yargus; supervised by C. L. Ackerman
  • A Study of Acoustic Backscatter from the Near-Surface Oceanic Bubble Layer
    M.Eng. Paper by Lucy J. Kulbago; Supervised by Kenneth E. Gilbert


  • A Review of Electroacoustic Transducer Calibration Methods in Anechoic Water Tanks
    M.Eng. Paper by Lisa L. Arrieta; supervised by W. Hughes and R. Kerlin
  • A Method for Predicting Noise Reduction from a Vibrating Plate Using Modal Analysis and a Point Source Acoustic Model
    M.S. Thesis by Daniel L. Battazzo; supervised by O.H. McDaniel
  • Calculation of Turbulent Boundary Layer Wall Pressure
    M.S. Thesis by Dean Capone; supervised by G.C. Lauchle
  • Calibration and Application of a High Frequency Parametric Array
    M.S. Thesis by Brain L. Davies; supervised by R.L. Culver
  • Acoustic Power and Velocimetry Measurements: An Analysis of Systematic Quantization Errors
    M.Eng. Paper by Philip M. Devan; supervised by L. Sibul
  • The Generalized Inverse Source Method for the Computation of Acoustic Fields
    Ph.D. Thesis by John B. Fahnline; supervised by G. Koopmann
  • Automotive Alternator Ventilation Noise
    M.S. Thesis by Dean M. Frederick; supervised by G. Lauchle
  • State Space Coupling of Acoustic (Boundary Element) and Structural (Finite Element) Models for Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis
    Ph.D. Thesis by Jeffery A. Giordano; supervised by G. Koopmann
  • Uncertainty Product Scattering Function Estimation
    M.S. Thesis by Micheal J. Gustafson; supervised by D.W. Ricker
  • Simulation of Correlated Noise
    M.Eng. Paper by Celeste Z. Hansel; supervised by A.D. Stuart
  • Experimental Studies of Uncertainties in Calculated Dimensions for Two Dynamical Systems; The Lorenz Model and Atmospherically Propagated Tones
    M.S. Thesis by Scott D. Hansen; supervised by D. W. Thomson
  • Visualization of Particle Interaction and Agglomeration in an Acoustic Field
    Ph.D. Thesis by Thomas L. Hoffmann; supervised by G. Koopmann
  • A Two-Stage Position Estimator Used as a Kalman Filter
    M.Eng. Paper by Dianne L. Hutchins; supervised by C. L. Ackerman
  • Micrometeorological Effects on Acoustic Line of Sight Signal Propagation
    M.S. Thesis by Edward R. Maniet, Jr.; supervised by D. W. Thomson
  • Probability Density Functions on Source Locations Parameterized by Range and Bearing
    M.S. Thesis by Stephen D. Martin; supervised by Dr. J. Dzielski
  • Physical Theory of Narrow-Band Sounds Associated with Intracranial Aneurysms
    Ph.D. Thesis by T. Douglas Mast; supervised by A.D. Pierce
  • The Effect of Body Geometry on the Flow Noise of Cylinders in Cross Flow
    Ph.D. Thesis by James F. McEachern; supervised by G.C. Lauchle
  • Acoustic Intensity Measurements In the Presence of Low Mach Number Flow
    M.S. Thesis by Toby D. McNeal; supervised by G. C. Lauchle
  • A Review of Signal Detection Using the Bispectrum with Applications in Underwater Acoustics
    M.Eng. Paper by Gary L. Morella; supervised by C. L. Ackerman
  • Statistical Characteristics of Bistatic Surface Scatter and Mean Bistatic Surface Scattering Strengths
    Ph.D. Thesis by Peter D. Neumann; supervised by R. L. Culver
  • An Analytic Model for the Resonant Vibrations of Rectangular Plates of Variable Curvature and Thickness
    M.S. Thesis by Mashiko Okajima; supervised by C. Burroughs
  • Conditional Probability Density Functions Arising in Bearing Estimation
    M.S. Thesis by Michael J. Roan; supervised by J. E. Dzielski
  • Vibration Response of and Propagation in Fluid-Loaded Finite Plates
    M.Eng. Paper by Donald E. Smith; supervised by C. B. Burroughs
  • Wideband Inverse Scattering and Wideband Deconvolution of Acoustic Signals Using Wavelet Transforms
    Ph.D. Thesis by Lora G. Weiss; supervised by L. Sibul and R. Young
  • Computer Modeling of Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Transducers
    M.S. Thesis by Michael J. Zipparo; supervised by W. J. Hughes


  • Robust Adaptive Processing for Application to Underwater Acoustic Arrays
    Ph.D. Thesis by Russell C. Burkhardt; supervised by L. Sibul
  • A Study of the Mutual Radiation Effects of a Dual-Ported Loudspeaker System Using the Acoustic Intensity Technique
    M.S. Thesis by Thomas H. Burns; supervised by J. Tichy
  • The Application of Active Noise Control to the Problem of Low Frequency Engine Noise in Automobile Interiors
    M.S. Thesis by Robert F. Deuel; supervised by J. Tichy
  • Quantification of Sonic Boom Signature Distortions from Propagation through Atmospheric Turbulence
    M.S. Thesis by Thomas A. Gionfriddo; supervised by V. Sparrow
  • Reduction of Plate Vibration and Acoustic Radiation via Adaptively Controlled Boundaries
    M.S. Thesis by Deborah A. Gruenhagen; supervised by C. Burroughs and S. Sommerfeldt
  • Active Vibration Control of Adaptive Flexible Structures, Using Piezoelectric Smart Sensors and Actuators
    Ph.D. Thesis by Suk-Yoon Hong; supervised by V. Varadan
  • Feasibility for Ultrasonic Characterization of the Surface Roughness of Atherosclerotic Plaque
    M.S. Thesis by Duane D. Hughes; supervised by K. Shung
  • Scattering Function Identification via Constrained Iterative Deconvolution
    Ph.D. Thesis by Blane L. Johnson; supervised by D. Ricker
  • Near-Field Acoustical Holography in Cylindrical Spaces
    Ph.D. Thesis by Charles J. Konzelman, supervised by C. Burroughs
  • Modification of Program CHIEF to Compute Sound Scattering from An Arbitrary Body with Mixed Boundary Conditions
    M.S. Thesis by Chen-Huei Lin; supervised by W. Thompson, Jr.
  • The Development and Implementation of Digital Acoustic Nearfield Holography in a Circular Cylindrical Coordinate System
    M.S. Thesis by Timothy W. Luce; supervised by S. Hayek
  • Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Locations of Multiple Sources in an Acoustic Waveguide
    Ph.D. Thesis by Adam N. Mirkin; supervised by L. Sibul
  • An Energy-Density-Based Control Strategy for Minimizing the Sound Field in Enclosures
    M.S. Thesis by Peter J. Nashif; supervised by S. Sommerfeldt
  • Experimental Analysis of the Aeroacoustics of Cascaded Airfoils
    M.S. Thesis by Lori A. Perry; supervised by G. Lauchle
  • Practical Applications and Limitations of Cepstral Analysis in Underwater Acoustics
    M.Eng. Paper by Stephen M. Sanelli; supervised by A. Stuart
  • Acoustic Tomographic Monitoring of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer
    Ph.D. Thesis by David K. Wilson; supervised by D. Thomson
  • Bubble Related Acoustic Phenomena
    M.Eng. Thesis by Brian D. Wittick; supervised by G. Lauchle
  • Acoustic Radiation from a Point-Excited Infinite Bilaminar Plate
    Ph.D. Thesis by Si Hwan Yum; supervised by S. Hayek
  • Construction and Evaluation of a Noise-Suppressing Hydrophone
    M.S. Thesis by Saadi J. Zain; supervised by W. Thompson, Jr.


  • Multichannel Adaptive Vibration Control of a Mounted Plate
    M.S. Thesis by Lance B. Bischoff; supervised by S. Sommerfeldt
  • The Intelligibility of Words, Sentences, and Continuous Discourse, Using the Articulation Index
    Ph.D. Thesis by Rory A. DePaolis; supervised by C. P. Janota
  • The Effects of Sediment Porosity on Acoustic Reflection and Transmission at the Seafloor
    Ph.D. Thesis by Charles W. Holland; supervised by O.T. McDaniel
  • Structural Power Flow
    M.Eng. Paper by Michael A. Kaaland; supervised by A. Stuart
  • Acoustic Scattering from a Rigid Prolate Spheroid
    M.S. Thesis by Robert D. Kollars; supervised by A. Stuart
  • Experimental Study of the Mechanism of Sound Generation by Rotating Stall in Centrifugal Turbomachines
    Ph.D. Thesis by Luc Mongeau; supervised by D. Thomson
  • Experimental and Statistical Analysis of Outdoor Sound Propagation and the Effects of Meteorological Conditions
    M.S. Thesis by Charles T. Moritz; supervised by J.S. Lamancusa
  • Development and Analysis of 1-3 Composites for Medical Ultrasound Transducer Applications
    Ph.D. Thesis by Clyde G. Oakley; supervised by W. Thompson, Jr.
  • Active Noise Control of Low Frequency Sound Inside Enclosures
    M.S. Thesis by Jeffrey M. Orzechowski; supervised by J. Tichy
  • A Study of Transient Vibrations in Condensing Two-Phase Flow
    M.S. Thesis by Andrew A. Piacsek; supervised by O.H. McDaniel
  • Application of Acoustic Intensity to an Automobile Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning System
    M.S. Thesis by Micheal E. Sullivan; supervised by G.C. Lauchle
  • Bottom Contour Influence on Ray Tracing
    M.Eng. Paper by Shaari S. Unger; supervised by D. McCammon


  • A Modal Analysis of Submerged Composite Plates Using Digital Speckle Pattern Interferometry
    M.S. Thesis by Thomas F. Bergen; supervised by M. Pechersky
  • Application of Active Noise Cancellation for Source Identification and Monitoring in a Modal Environment
    Ph.D. Thesis by Wen-Shyang Chiu; supervised by J. Tichy
  • Extension of the Low Frequency Limits for Calibration in a Finite Semireverberant Water Tank
    M.S. Thesis by Mark E. Geleskie; supervised by W. J. Hughes
  • The Prediction and Measurement of Acoustic Absorption in High Temperature Atmospheric Gas Mixtures, Using a Specially Designed Plate-Diaphragm Capacitive High Temperature Acoustic Transducer
    Ph.D. Thesis by Wallace R. A. George; supervised by G. H. Koopmann
  • Underwater Acoustic Intensity
    M.Eng. Paper by Francis J. Gobris; supervised by A. D. Stuart
  • Angle Sample Variance of Azimuthally Spread Scattering Processes, Using a Two-Element Array
    M.S. Thesis by James R. Johnescu; supervised by D. W. Ricker
  • Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Station Underwater Acoustic Measurement and Analysis: An Overview
    M.Eng. Paper by Marilee A. Keys; supervised by O. McDaniel
  • Propagation of Elastic Waves on Thin Cylindrical Shells at Frequencies Below the Ring Frequency
    M.Eng. Paper by Spiro Kouzoupis; supervised by A. Pierce
  • A Basic Introduction into the Concepts of Magnetic Field, Harmonic Pattern and Envelope Analysis Techniques
    M.Eng. Paper by John S. Lorber, Jr.; supervised by M. J. Pechersky
  • The Design, Construction, and Evaluation of a Two-Hydrophone Intensity Probe to Determine the Feasibility and Limitations of Underwater Intensity, Energy Density, and Impedance Measurements
    M.S. Thesis by Jeffrey P. Segota; supervised by D. Ricker
  • A System Model of the Guitar
    Ph.D. Thesis by Harold A. Zintel; supervised by G. Koopmann



Founded in 1965, Penn State's Graduate Program in Acoustics has become the leading resource for graduate education in acoustics in the United States. The interdisciplinary program leads to the degrees: Master of Engineering in Acoustics (M.Eng.), Master of Science in Acoustics (M.S.), and Doctor of Philosophy in Acoustics (Ph.D.)

Graduate Program in Acoustics

College of Engineering

The Pennsylvania State University

201 Applied Science Building

University Park, PA 16802