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Daniel Russell

Teaching Professor of Acoustics and Distance Education Coordinator


  • Acoustics
  • Center for Acoustics and Vibration

201D Applied Science Building


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Interest Areas:

Acoustics education, structural vibration, vibrational behavior of sports equipment.




  • BM, Piano Performance, Bradley University, 1988
  • BS, Physics, Bradley University, 1988
  • MS, Applied Physics, Northern Illinois University, 1991
  • Ph D, Acoustics, Pennsylvania State University, 1995


Book Reviews

  • Daniel Allen Russell, 2014, Review of "Why You Hear What You Hear: An Experiential Approach to Sound, Music, and Psychoacoustics" by Eric J. Heller, Am. J. Phys, pp. 262-263

Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings

  • Daniel Allen Russell, 2021, "Positive aspects of teaching online during COVID-19: Zoom backgrounds, MannyCam, and increased student engagement", Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA), 30, (035005), pp. Proc. Mtgs. Acoust. 43, 025001 (2021)
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Magazines/Trade Publications

  • Daniel Allen Russell, 2020, "The Tuning Fork: An Amazing Acoustics Apparatus", Acoustics Today, 16, (2), pp. 48-55
  • Daniel Allen Russell, 2017, "Acoustics and Vibration of Baseball and Softball Bats", Acoustics Today, 13, (4), pp. 35-42
  • Daniel Allen Russell, 2012, "Nondestructive Testing Detects Altered Baseball Bats", NDT Technician, 11, (4), pp. 1-5

Research Projects

Honors and Awards

  • 2022 Outstanding Teaching Award, Penn State Engineering Alumni Society, October 2022
  • 2016 ASA Student Council Mentor Award, Acoustical Society of America Student Council, June 2016 - June 2017


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