Acoustics Animations
Dr. Dan Russell
Graduate Program in Acoustics, Penn State

Copyright Questions and Fair Use of My Animations

All of my webpages have a copyright statement at the top of the page, and most of my newer animations have a copyright imbedded into the animation itself. I have done so to protect my intellectual property rights. Some of the animations took me a long time to figure out how to make them, and I wish to protect my authorship. However, I have placed the animations on the WWW in order for others to have free access to them. It is my desire that others who find such animations helpful to teach wave phenomena, acoustics, and vibration to use them to enhance their educational experience. Lately I have been bombarded with questions asking for permission to use my animations in presentations, or in the classroom. Rather than attempt to try to answer every email question I have instead summarized my responses below.

Acceptable use of animations

Unacceptable use of animations

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