photograph of Dr. Russell in front of his baseball bat collection. Photo taken in 2009.

Dr. Daniel A. Russell


In July 2011 I joined the Graduate Program in Acoustics at Penn State, where I teach graduate level courses in acoustics and vibration to both resident and distance education graduate students. In addition, I oversee, manage and market the distance education component of the acoustics instruction, including oversight of the M.Eng. in Acoustics online degree program offered through the Graduate Program in Acoustics. I also pursue research involving the visualization of acoustic phenomena (animations) for educational purposes, an experimental research involving the structural vibration of sports equipment (baseball and softball bats, hockey sticks, rackets, etc) and musical instruments.

For 16 years (1995-2011) prior to joining the Penn State acoustics faculty, I was a physics professor at Kettering Univeristy in Flint, MI. At Kettering I taught introductory and advanced physics to all levels of undergraduate students. I also taught acoustics and vibration to junior/senior engineering and applied physics majors. I developed an acoustics laboratory currently used for faculty and student research projects as well as for an advanced undergraduate laboratory experience in acoustics and vibration. While much of my focus was on physics and acoustics education, I also did research on the acoustics and vibration of sports equipment and musical instruments.

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animated image of longitudinal waves Acoustics and Vibration Animations - mathematically and physically correct animated GIF and MPEG movies illustrating wave and vibration phenomena.

image of a wood baseball batAcoustics of Baseball Bats - acoustical and vibrational behavior of wood, aluminum and composite adult and youth baseball and softball bats.

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icon image of acoustic guitar Acoustics of Guitars - Sustain time, Guitar pickup response, Modal Analysis, Mechanical Impedance, Frequency Response, (electric and acoustic guitars).

icon of Asterix the GaulMusical Instruments of Antiquity as Illustrated in The Adventures of Asterix the Gaul - Expanded version of a fun paper I presented at an Acoustical Society of America meeting back in 2000.

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