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Suggested Convention for Sound Source Levels

The proposed convention for including the actual power values after the reference level is given is an excellent one. However, the final example given in Ref. 1 may confuse rather than clarify. The stated example level is Source level, 10 dB re (1 W), (10 W)

which means to say that the level is 10 dB referenced to 1 watt with a source power of 10 W. However, one may misconstrue the notation as giving a CHOICE of references, either (1 W) or (10 W). Obviously not intended, the present author suggests the more explicit notation Source level, 10 dB re (1 W), (Power = 10 W)

or perhaps Source level, 10 dB re 1 W, (Power = 10 W) .

Although briefly mentioned in Section IV of Ref. 1, many readers may not have caught the intended meaning.

Fri Aug 30 16:31:47 EDT 1996