Spring 2002 ACS 597B
Computational Acoustics

This is a graduate level course taught through the Graduate Program in Acoustics of The Pennsylvania State University. For application information, please call (814) 865-6364.

INSTRUCTOR: Victor Sparrow, (814) 865-3162, vws1@psu.edu

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Selected class notes and homeworks:

These notes and homeworks are in Adobe PDF format. As these are intended for use by Penn State students and invited guests, they require a password available from Dr. Sparrow. Note that not all of the course handouts are provided here, just those that are easily convertable to PDF format.

Homework number 1

Homework number 2

Homework number 3

Homework number 4

Homework number 5

Homework number 6

Homework number 7


Lecture 2 notes: Numerical analysis review

Lecture 3 notes: Using UNIX

Mathematica 4.1 quick reference sheet from Lectures 5 and 6

Lecture 7 notes: Finite Differences I

Lecture 8 notes: Finite Differences II

Lecture 9 notes: Finite Differences III

Lecture 10 notes: Finite Differences IV

Lecture 12 notes: Finite Differences V

Lecture 12 Links

Lecture 13 notes: Finite Differences VI

Lecture 14 notes: The Parabolic Equation

Lecture 15 notes: More on Propagation

Lecture 16 notes: Direct Solution of the HE

Lecture 18 notes: Acoustic FE Formulation

Lecture 19 notes: 1-D FE Example I

Lecture 19 addendum: Mathematica integration

Lecture 20 notes: 1-D FE Example II

Lecture 20 addendum: Mathematica solution of FE equations

Lecture 22 notes: Weighted Residuals, Etc.

Lecture 23 notes: Sysnoise FE Analysis I

Lecture 24 notes: Sysnoise FE Analysis II

Lecture 25 notes (paper): Direct BEM formulation

Lecture 26 notes (paper): Direct BEM and nonuniqueness example

Lecture 27 notes (paper): Node duplication and SYSNOISE BEM implementation

Lecture 28 notes (paper): Indirect BEM

Lecture 29 notes: Sysnoise Scattering

Lecture 30 notes: More on BEM and meshes

Lecture 31 notes (paper): Coupled analysis

Lecture 32 notes: Structural Models

Lecture 33 notes: Contribution Analysis

Lecture 34 notes: Sensitivity Analysis

Lecture 35 notes: Time Domain FEM

Lecture 36 notes: Sparrow's work on Mid-Freqeuency Range Finite Elements

Lecture 39 notes: Infinite Elements

Selected class notes from fall 2001 distance education class:

Setting up your PC to run the I-DEAS software.

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