Fall 2000 ACS 597D
Virtual Acoustics

This is a graduate level course taught through the Graduate Program in Acoustics of The Pennsylvania State University. For application information, please call (814) 865-6364.

INSTRUCTOR: Victor Sparrow, (814) 865-3162, sparrow@helmholtz.acs.psu.edu

Some class links:

Selected class resources:

Lecture 2 animations courtesy Yuvi Kahana of ISVR:

Class notes:

These notes are in Adobe PDF format. As the notes are intended for use by Penn State students and invited guests, they require a password available from Dr. Sparrow. Lectures are given once per week in this 1 credit class.


Many thanks are extended to Prof. Philip Nelson of ISVR for hosting Sparrow during his 1998 sabbatical leave and greatly influencing the content of this course. Many thanks also to Durand Begault of NASA Ames and San Jose State University for (1.) writing his book 3-D Sound for Virtual Reality and Multimedia and (2.) providing the NASA Technical Memorandum reprint of that book used extensively in the class. Sparrow also appreciates the advice and contributions of several Penn State faculty who sat in on portions of the class: Jiri Tichy, Doug Mast, and Courtney Burroughs.

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