Animations for Acoustics Education

These animations are freely available for learning about acoustics. Anyone teaching acoustics is particularly welcome to use them in their classes. It is also OK to use them any other way you want, except that you may not charge anyone money for them or sell them in any way, either individually or as components of a larger package. They are free. These animations have been created by Victor Sparrow of the Pennsylvania State University Graduate Program in Acoustics. The program Mathematica is used to generate the animations.

All of these movies are in Apple's QuickTime format. QuickTime is freely available for both Macs and Windows based machines, if you don't already have it. A common QuickTime player for Unix machines is called "xanim".

So that the animations don't all auto-load at once, they are grouped on separate pages:

Many of these animations are used in the Noise Control Engineering Courses available through the Penn State World Campus.

More great animations on acoustics, vibrations, and waves are available on Dr. Dan Russell's Demos Page at Kettering University. Check them out! Note that many of Dr. Russell's animations are in the MPEG format. QuickTime revision 3.0 or later can read MPEG files.

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