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As part of our educational mission, we have developed a simple thermoacoustic engine kit that is has been successfully used by school children as a science fair project and for more advanced students and researchers as a convenient, rapid, and economical “port-of-entry” into the fascinating field of thermoacoustics research. Some kits have even ended up in sculptures and unusual musical instruments.

So far, we have sold over 600 of these kits on every continent except Antarctica. Sixty kits were distributed to college professors teaching courses on dynamics by the Endevco University Forum and dozens of kits are used here at Penn State every summer as part of our programs for high school students who are considering enrollment in our science and engineering undergraduate programs.

These kits are available for $14/each, plus a shipping charge of $10/order (for destinations within the United States or Canada) or $20/order (when shipped elsewhere). The checks or money orders (in US Dollars only) should be made out to “Penn State” and should be sent along with your shipping address to:

Acoustic Laser Kits
Graduate Program in Acoustics
Penn State University
P. O. Box 30
State College, PA 16804-0030

The kits include the resonator (test tube), porous ceramic material (stack), NiCr heater wire, copper electrical lead wire, and crimp connectors for joining the two types of wire together. You have to provide your own electrical power source (e.g., batteries or a transformer).

Think you might be interested? Download the kit instructions from this site, but beware: thermoacoustics can become addictive!