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The Graduate Program in Acoustics at Penn State is a unique interdisciplinary program that leads to the degrees Master of Science in Acoustics, Master of Engineering in Acoustics, and Doctor of Philosophy in Acoustics. It is centered on acoustics, which is a subject that touches many diverse disciplines and allows many options for professional careers. While in the program, students can acquire and further strengthen their understanding and use of the fundamentals of engineering, physics and mathematics. The program offers the student a broad educational background applicable to many related scientific and technological fields giving the student lifelong flexibility for continued professional growth.

The education of students enrolled in the Graduate Program in Acoustics is accomplished by an individually tailored and integrated selection of core and elective courses in areas such as basic acoustics, physical acoustics, underwater acoustics, signal processing, optics, medical ultrasonics, aeroacoustics, vibrations, wave propagation, speech, physiological acoustics, psychoacoustics, and thermoacoustics. The courses are offered by the Graduate Program in Acoustics and by other departments of the University that participate in the program. These include the Departments of:

The program is itself one of the departments of the College of Engineering, and because of its interdisciplinary nature, it is also one of the twelve Intercollege Graduate Degree Programs of the Graduate School. It maintains a strong liaison with the Penn State Applied Research Laboratory, which is a major separately funded research unit of the University that has extensive research and development activities related to acoustics.