Graduate Program in Acoustics


Student Committee

Purpose The purpose of the Acoustics Program Student Committee is to act as a voice for the student body in matters regarding all aspects of the department concerns. The committee meets on a regular basis to discuss pertinent issues, Distance Ed member(s) are teleconferenced in.

Committee Membership

The committee is comprised of five (5) to seven (7) students. Five (5) students are elected to serve from the in-resident students at University Park . One (1) spot is reserved for the Distance Education community, and one (1) spot is reserved for the first-year students. Representatives nominate themselves during the election procedure and upon doing so must take on the responsibility to represent all diversifications within the department. This is included but not limited to MS students, PHD students, International Students, Students with families, Ethnic Minorities, LGBT and Women in Science/Engineering.


Elections are held biannually during the first (full) week of September and February. The election consists of a single ballot to be completed by all students. As mentioned on each ballot, there are 5 positions for resident acoustics students, the 1 spot for Distance Ed and 1 spot for 1st year students.

Term Limits

In order to maintain a cohesive and fluid group, term lengths on the committee have been staggered. Students in the PHD program are limited to serving four (4) terms (2 years) in succession. Those students in the MS, M Eng program or Distance Ed are limited to serving two (2) terms (1 year) in succession. Upon exhausting a given term limit, the student must withdraw from service for one term before re-nomination.